Text flickering issue

Testing version: 2.1.8

What were you doing: Typing text on Mac (2018 MacBook Pro (intel))

What feature did you use: Just typing text.

What happened: Been having issue with intermittently flickering text when typing. Seems like it could be connected to inline predictive text or autocorrect. Often when a word is predicted the entire paragraph of text will flicker briefly. I tried turning inline predictive text off but the flickering still persisted though. It’s really annoying and distracting from my usually pristine Bear writing environment.

What did you expect to happen: No flickering of text.

Anyone else notice this or just me…? I guess I could try an uninstall/reinstall


I’ve noticed this as well.


Yes, me too. I can’t remember this happening previously - perhaps something introduced in a recent-ish version?

Mac Studio M2 Ultra
macOS Sonoma 14.3 (23D56)
Bear 2.1.7

Can you please send a quick video of this issue just in case we are missing something?

Sure thing. I DM’d you a video link. It was a little too big to upload directly.

noticed this too. the flicking happens to the line where cursor is

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Yes, basically the same for me except also can happen to the entire paragraph where I’m typing.

This may help to recreate the issue. For me the flickering seems to almost always happen to text I’m editing or adding onto that is in the middle of a note with paragraphs above and below. For example if I create a new note and type 3 sentences that are separated by a blank line between each. Then I go to add text to the middle sentence that line will begin to flicker. Hope that helps.

I’m seeing this in 2.1.8 as well, macOS 14.4.1.

I’m having exactly the same issue with text flickering while you type in Bear 2.1.8. Very annoying. Seems to have arrived with the move to using the system cursor in Sonoma? As one of the comments above notes, the problem seems less severe when you’re typing at the bottom of the note, with no text – or especially – tags below the cursor.

Bear 2.1.8
macOS Sonoma 14.4.1
M2 MacBook Air

This is happening to me too… I am trying Bear out as an alternative to Evernote, but I don’t think I can live with the weird flickering since I use it for drafting long-ish articles. Is there something that counts as a known bug now and might get fixed?

Bear 2.1.8
macOS Sonoma 14.4.1
Macbook Pro 2019

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can you please tell me if you experience the flickering with or without the predictive text on? You can check the status of this preference in System Settings > Keyboard, click the Edit button under the “Text input” heading, “show inline predictive text” option.

I definitely experience flickering the most with “inline predictive text” turned on. If I toggle that off in system settings I still experience the flickering whenever a word is auto-corrected. Although it happens less frequently. If I turn off “correct spelling automatically” in system settings. Bear still auto-corrects words and causes flickering. If I then also uncheck “correct spelling automatically” in the Bear Edit/Spelling and Grammar menu it finally stops any kind of automatic changes/substitutions for words which seems to stop the text from flickering. However, of course this is a sub-optimal typing experience since both inline predictive text and autocorrect are helpful features. Hope that makes sense.

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Turning off predictive text and auto correct in system settings works here too for eliminating the flicker.

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Just updated to 2.1.9 and wanted to confirm that the flickering issue is still present.

Can you please tell me the language and region you are using your mac with?

Language is English (US) and Region is United States.

I’m still seeing the same problem on 2.1.9.

  • Language English (UK) and Region United Kingdom.
  • macOS Sonoma 14.3 (23D56)
  • Inline Predictive Text on in System Settings

I’ve captured two different videos showing the flickering. I think I’m seeing this happen with paragraphs above and below where I’m typing. In these captures, I also added some bullets to the below paragraph because that’s where I’ve often seen the problem.

Video 1 - text flickers on the same line as I’m typing:

In this video, you can see the text disappears and reappears as I type the word “weather”. Here are frames captured from the video:

Video 2 - text flickers in the next paragraph as I’m typing. In this case, typing “Apple” → backspace to delete “e”, then “\s” triggers the flickering:

Captures from the video show the text disappearing and reappearing as I type:

I see this problem a lot, so any other information I can give to help troubleshoot - please let me know.


We are experiencing the same problem in South Korea. I have a MacBook Air M3, and I didn’t have this problem until last week. Turning off “show inline predictive text” doesn’t solve the problem. In my case, when I write in English, I don’t get flicker, but when I write in Korean, I get flicker. I hope the bug is fixed soon.

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Hello. For those of you with access to the macOS beta, please check if you still experience the flickering issue with version 2.2.0.