Text flickering issue

I have access to the v2.2.0 macOS beta. The flickering is still present in the v2.2.0 beta, but it seems to have improved.

With reference to my previous post on 14 May, I reported flickering in two different scenarios:

  1. Flickering on the same line - this is still a problem in v2.2.0 beta
  2. Flickering in the next paragraph - this seems to be fixed in the v2.2.0 beta
  • Language English (UK) and Region United Kingdom.
  • macOS Sonoma 14.5 (23F79)
  • Inline Predictive Text on in System Settings
  • Correct spelling automatically on in System Settings
  • Bear > Edit > Check Spelling While Typing is ON
  • Bear > Edit > Check Grammar with Spelling is ON
  • Bear > Edit > Correct Spelling Automatically is ON

I am experiencing this too. Bear 2.1.9 on Sonoma 14.5.

+1 has been seeing flicking for quite a while.
Bear 2.1.9, MacOS 14.5 (M1). It flicks whenever I type Chinese or Japanese, but seems to be fine when typing English.

For those of you with access to the Test Flight beta, please check the last update (12671) and let me know if the flickering issue is solved.

Thank you. I’ve just started to test the TestFlight Beta and I’ll let you know my results later.
However for now I’ve spotted a problem where auto-completed words jump to a new line. Please see attached video:

A second problem where auto-complete occurs in the wrong font size. Attached video shows:

  1. Autocompleting the word “Japanese” in H1 paragraph, but the auto-completed word is at the standard text size
  2. Bear then crashes leaving my desktop visible in the video (you’ll see coloured dots which is my Mac’s wallpaper).

@trix180 Let me know how to send the crash report to you directly (if you don’t see it in TestFlight)

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I’ve been using Bear quite a lot since yesterday and I haven’t noticed the “flickering” problem. So it looks like this has now been fixed in the most recent TestFlight build (12671).

Another related bug on build (12671) - when macOS makes a suggestion for a word and you’re near the end of a line, the text will jump. Please see attached video.

Same issue here. The entire paragraph flickers when I am typing. It seems to happen when it’s autocorrecting.

Running macOS Sonoma 14.5 on MacBook Air M3.
Bear Version 2.1.9 (12622)

Please fix this soon. I just spent 3 days transferring all my notes to Bear.

Thanks. Can you please check this again with the Test Flight build (12678)?

So far in my testing, all the problems I previously reported are solved with Test Flight build (12678).

I did find another problem on 12678 related to text replacement at the end of the line - please see the attached video. Notice that after the auto-complete replacement has happened, the second bullet point has vanished.

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As far as I’ve been able to tell this seems to have been resolved in 2.2. Thanks to the Bear team for your responsive work and to all the beta testers!

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Looking good here too in limited use, I’ll keep an eye out this week… Thanks for the fix!!