[bug report] opening backlinks in iOS causes app to crash

Testing version: 2.01

What were you doing:

  1. Click on second welcome note “Organize, search, and customize in Bear”
  2. Swipe left (or click on info icon at top) to get “Statistics, Table of Contents, and Backlinks” modal
  3. Touched the backlinks icon

The app crashed immediately after.

What feature did you use: Backlinks

What happened: The app crashed immediately after.

What did you expect to happen: For it to not crash and show me the backlinks.

Note: On the first welcome note “Welcome to Bear”, I didn’t get this issue. There were also no backlinks in that note. It’s most likely the case that this crash only happens if the note has backlinks.


Yes, reproducible here on iOS 16.5.1 and bear 2.0.1 11717

It’s the same for MacOS.

Seems to happen on all welcome notes for me

@trix180 These crashes seems to happen only when “backlinking” to sub titles that starts with an emoji.

When removing emojis in Welcome to Bear note links, opening backlink panel in the other linked welcome notes then works without crashing.

Emoji in main note title works without crashing, but emoji in linked subtitles will lead to crash when trying to open backlink panel.

Seems to be a problem only when linking to a subtitle that starts with an emoji

This link works with backlinking without crashing:

## Get started
* [[🍀 Get started with Bear/How to create a 🌹 new note]]

This link will trigger crash when opening backlink panel:

## Get started
* [[Get started with Bear/🌹 How to create a new note]]

Same bug on MacOS, iOS and iPadOS

Yes, this time we made ourselves a scenario that generates a bug :smiley:
The crash was caused by the use of emojis in the header titles when used in a wiki link, causing a parsing crash in the backlinks code. We solved the issue and we’ll ship a fix very soon.