#bug-report: Scrolling bottom limit surpasses note end

Testing version: 2.0 (9803)

What were you doing: Trying out the “Hide subtag notes” feature (although I don’t think this triggered it).

What happened: Scrolling to the bottom of any/all notes ends up scrolling well past the last line of the note.

What did you expect to happen: Scrolling to the bottom to stop just after the last line of the note.

Hopefully this is intentional - there have been requests for fake white space or “typewriter mode” so that long notes don’t result in always typing at the bottom of the screen. For me this is preferable.

Yes the over-scroll is indeed intentional, as @mattjs said we want to allow people to write at the middle of the screen even if they’re at the end of the note :slight_smile:

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Ohh, my bad, sorry. Lol this is not preferable for me, but I can live with it. Maybe this could be an option though?

Currently, when you get to the bottom, it jumps ~20 lines. It’s not scrolling line by line in the middle of the editor like a true typewriter mode.

I with you on this. I’m not sure about your preference, but the current state is not preferable when you need to see as much preceding text as possible. When you get to the bottom, half of the page jumps.

Ahh interesting, it doesn’t do a jump for me, it does scroll smoothly.

But I’m in strong agreement the more I think about it: if I quickly scroll to the bottom of the note, it cuts off ~20+ lines of text that I’d much rather see. “Typewriter mode” should be a preference or a toggle.