Buggy behavior with indented block quotes

Testing version: macOS Version 2.0 (11706)

What were you doing: Trying to manage indentation with bullets + block quotes

What feature did you use: Bullets + block quotes + indenting

What happened: See video—indentation is seriously buggy when using block quotes

What did you expect to happen: Indentation would work as normal—hitting return would give you a new line starting with the same list marker at the same level. Tab would indent further, shift tab would de-indent.

I know some indentation work has been done in versions subsequent to the one you’re using, so might be worth testing a new version first.

Side note: how did you get those button presses to appear on your screen recording? I’d find that a super handy feature to include in my reports too :slight_smile:

Still happening in the latest version from the mac app store.

I used Cleanshot to record the video with keystrokes.

This is indeed a new bug, thanks for reporting!

This turned out to be two bugs in one. One in the code that keeps the indentation consistent, and one in how it is then rendered. The first one is now fixed, but the latter might take a bit longer.


I’ve just fixed this bug in the development version, the next update should have the fix available for everyone :slight_smile: