Quotes in indented lists are not rendered correctly

Testing version: Bear 2 (9652)

What were you doing:

using lists with quotes like

  • this quote

    • and that

- 1
- 2
- > 3
  - > 3.1
    - > 3.1.1
      - > 3.1.1.
        - >
          - >

What feature did you use:

What happened:

The rendering is off.

What did you expect to happen:

After testing your issue, Bear Version 2.0 (9652) crashed and show all my other notes as empty.
Only if I restart the app without selecting the test note before closing, my other notes aren’t empty anymore.

The correct Markdown notation here would be to put the block quote character first, like this:

> - 1
> - 2
> - 3
> - 3.1
>   -  3.1.1
>   - 3.1.1.
>   -
>     -

But even for this notation, there is a small bug in that the top-level bullets are treated as if they were indented:
Zrzut ekranu 2022-10-8 o 01.01.55

Notice the difference to the same list without quotes:

I beg to disagree. The first is a quote in a list. The other is a quoted list. Both admissible under commonmark.

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Ah, makes sense :slight_smile: Well, both cases should be fixed in any case.

Wow, that’s nasty :smiley:

We’ll try to fix that in the next version.


Piggy-backing on this thread, since my use-case is slightly different. I have two quoted lines in a row. The first one is rendered correctly. The second one is missing its quote bar. This happens whether or not the first line ends in a double-space.

* first item
  New line in the first item
* second item
  > Quoted line in the second item.  
  > Another quoted line.
* third item