Quote in list causes app to crash

Testing version: Version 2.0 (11208)

What were you doing: Using a quote in a list, specifically -

What feature did you use: Quotes and lists

What happened: The Rendering of line got strange (see pictures)

To reproduce the error write

:warning: To others users: DO NOT try to replicate! It may leave you with a note that you cannot edit! If you get stuck, the only way to get out is to force the app to quit. Then, immediately after startup, add triple ``` before the list, causing the rendering to be ignored.

The list that causes the crash

- this
  - >

As soon as the > is typed, the rendering goes haywire, the backspace key does not work anymore, and the app crashes after a few more keystrokes.

What did you expect to happen: The app not to crash and a quote to appear after the list.

Thanks a lot for this report. We’ll check this as soon as possible.