Inserting text in single blank line (or deleting that line) between end of nested list and other text can sometimes slow down or crash Panda

Testing version: Version 1.0 (1648)

What were you doing: Accidentally pasted a multi-line text block in the middle of a nested list. Only wanted a single line from that block. Attempted to delete the bad lines and keep the line I wanted. Panda crashed as I did that.

What feature did you use: List

What happened: Crash

What did you expect to happen: Not to crash

Here’s a video showing minimal slowdown cases and one crash case.

Here’s the crash case on my computer. Inserting anything into that line, or trying to delete that line crashes Panda

* A
	* B

Normal-text and `monospace text`
  And a second line with `monospace text` and a two (!) space indentation

Hi and sorry for the late response.

Thanks for reporting this crash, we’ll try to fix this for the next update.

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