Nested lists and rich content

Testing version:
Panda 1.0

What were you doing:
I’d like to have nested lists with an option to have rich (multiline, code blocks, tables) content inside.

When I create basic nested lists it works fine. But when I try to input something more complex it doesn’t work.

  1. Scenario one: multiline list item
    Create a list row and press shift + Enter (on Mac)
    Expected result
    New row will be created, under the same list item. This is the way is works in the current Bear editor.
    Actual result
    New list item is created.

  2. Scenario two: code block in the list item
    Create a 2nd level list row and type ``` to insert a code block
    Expected result
    Code block is created under the list row
    Actual result
    The whole line is ruined

Please, make real nested lists in this version of the editor, I’ve submitted such kind of bugs for the current version of the regular bear around a year ago. This is very natural to have lists which with the unlimited nesting in the notes app. People are used to sort their thoughts as trees or mind maps. This will help a lot.

Thank you for your work and looking forward to test a version where these bugs are resolved. Multilines and unlimited nesting - you rock!