Double enter does not exit list mode

Testing version:
Bear 2 (10984), iPadOS 16.4.1, iPad Pro (10,5‘‘), Model: MPHG2FD/A

What were you doing:
Write a points list in the editor.

What feature did you use:
Markdown List „*“.

What happened:
At the end of the List and after two “Enters”, the application no longer displays a list item (point), but indents the text further to the right.

After entering a normal text and pressing the Enter key again, the list item reappears in the new line.

The list mode is therefore not yet ended. It is then a bit tricky to exit the list mode and continue writing with normal text.

What did you expect to happen:
If you switch to list mode with “*”, the expectation is that after the last element of the list, the list mode will be ended by pressing the Enter key twice.

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In Bear 2 beta, creating a new paragraph requires an empty line between lines. To do this, press enter twice after the last list item to end the list and begin a new paragraph. However, if you position the cursor directly below the last list item, it is considered part of the same paragraph. In this case, if you add some text (which will be indented to match the list), pressing enter again will create a new list, which may cause confusion for users, especially those coming from Bear 1 or unfamiliar with some sutble markdown syntax rules.

Maybe the onboarding material could include this to help users get used to the new behaviors?

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OK, I have tested this. It seems to occur reproducibly only if you want to insert a list directly in the line before normal text. In this case the directly following text becomes part of the list.

In this case you have to insert a blank line before. The list is then created in the line above the blank line, as described in your answer. This makes it a training topic, also for me. Sorry and thanks.

Agreed that this is confusing, and very non-intuitive.