Callback URL to note and section

Testing version:
Current IOS version from test flight

What were you doing:
I am trying to retrieve the callback URL to a section within a note

What feature did you use:
Clicked on the icon to the left of the header and clicked the copy link to here option

What happened:
I get what appears to be a wiki link, something like this… when I click it, nothing happens.


What did you expect to happen:
I expected to get a full call back URL like what I used to get from bear 1.0


Anyone else observed similar? Is anyone using callback URL in bear2.0? If so, I’d appreciate any guidance on how to do it.

Thanks in advance.

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copying an header link and pasting it inside bear should a link like this [note title/header] but it’s currently bugged. If you just want to copy a note XURL I suggest using <long press on the note list> -> copy note link

Yep, it’s the bugged part I was trying to figure out. Thanks for confirming and helping out. Much appreciated.