Can I turn off the Beta Bear's googly eyes?

Is it possible to have the regular bear app icon when using light themes? I’m using the Red Graphite theme and I’d preferably have the regular bear icon without the googly eyes, can I turn it off somehow?


It’s of course not a serious issue but I also can’t wait to finally use a regular icon.
I even created a Siri shortcut to open Bear just to get rid of it.

What does that Siri shortcut look like?

It’s just a command to open the Bear app.
You can create a custom icon for it in the Shortcuts app or even use a custom file as an icon upon adding it to the Home Screen.

Here’s the link to the Shortcut:

If we get the option to turn off googly eyes… can we also get an option to double down on them? :crazy_face:



I too look forward to a non googly eye app icon.