Custom Themes Exchange 🤝

Hi there everyone,

I made a custom color theme based on the Dark Graphite theme.
I enjoy it so much that I thought I’d share it here with you all.

Can’t wait to hopefully be able to use it on iOS as well soon!
It’s then when Bear will truly feel like the best app ever.

Here’s the file:
Dark (1.4 KB)

Here’s a preview image:

Note: This preview image looks a bit different from the actual colors I see on my screen but I figure that’s because I use a custom icc color profile for my monitor. Every designer/photographer can probably relate: color management is a VERY complex topic

Here’s how to find the theme files on macOS:

→right click and choose “Show Package Contents”
→Bear Core Frameworks
→ Resources

You can open the files in any text editor and change the color values to your liking.
Save your custom themes somewhere outside of the Bear Contents folder.
Once you’re happy with a theme copy it inside the Resources folder mentioned above and change the name to one of the official theme names to guarantee that Bear can apply it.
You might want to save the original theme file somewhere else too, in case you want to go back to it.

Another warning:
With every update of the app, Bear will overwrite your custom themes in the Resources folder, so you’ll have to copy and paste your custom theme file there manually after updating the app. Another reason to keep your theme files somewhere safe.

Feel free to drop your own custom themes below!

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Shame there’s no official framework yet but thanks for the instructions :slight_smile:


My pleasure!
I also can’t wait to be able to do this natively! :crossed_fingers:

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That looks super! Question: with the theme do you have access to the font sizes at all? Could you individually change let’s say H1 or H3?

Sorry, it seems to me that there is no way to target the font size of the headings in the themes.
I’m far from an expert though, so I might be missing something.

Here is a “true grey” version of the custom theme I shared above.
No saturation = no problem :laughing:

Dark Graphite.theme (true grey).zip (1.5 KB)

Here’s a preview image:

May I also add that I love the yellow color I chose for the search indicator?
I wish I could also use it for text highlighting but for some reason the app crashes when I add a theme that has the same color value for “search primary color” and “highlight color”.

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