Low-contrast light theme: Squirrelsong

I’ve been using Bear for several years, and love it. I love the UI and the friendly beary vibe around (and what Russian doesn’t love bears :wink: The only thing I’m missing is custom themes support.

I ended up making my own theme:

I wish it was easy to install it (without modifying the package after every update), or it was working on iOS too.

Maybe it could be even included with Bear by default. I believe it could be a great addition to Bear theme collection.

I can’t use dark themes, and most light themes because the contrast is too high and colors are too bright. Such colors are too distracting for me, and I quickly get tired.

I created the first version of this theme (at first it was only syntax highlighting them, but later I started making UI themes with the same colors as well) long before I learned about my neurodiversity, long before I learned that bright colors are, indeed, not good for my brain, and I need softer and milder colors and UI with fewer distractions.

This might be the only color theme made specifically for neurodiverse and highly-sensitive people, at least I haven’t seen any other so far…

Feel free to try it, here are the instructions.


Fixed, thanks for reporting this!

This is very nice! I noticed a small issue with the note list selection on locked notes. You can change the background tertiary color to #DBD7DE. Maybe the selection background color on the note list is a little strong.

Screenshot 2024-05-17 at 11.10.28
Screenshot 2024-05-17 at 11.10.36

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Thanks! I changed it to this: