Can we make hand-written notes searchable?

This feature request would enhance our capability to swiftly find pertinent information and add more value for handwritten notes in Bear.


Already works for me… though Apple’s handwriting recognition is pretty picky. It took a few tries to get it to accurately recognize a couple of big words. Maybe Bear 2 beta is doing its job and Apple’s handwriting recognition is letting you down.

It’s easy to check. Select any sketch or image in Bear 2, press spacebar to get a preview, tap the text selection icon in the bottom right corner of the preview window (image) then tap the copy all button (image) that appears in the bottom left corner of the preview. Whatever text Apple recognizes from the image will be in your clipboard. Prepare to be disappointed in handwriting recognition. :slight_smile:

Interestingly this doesn’t seem to work on iOS/iPadOS no matter how neatly I write :stuck_out_tongue: Apple notes does recognise my same handwriting in a searchable manner instantly though

Can confirm image and handwriting OCR search does not work with iOS

I tried to search a word from screenshot of texts and it found it. Interestingly, not right away, but hours later when I tried it again for the same image. I was searching on my iPad.

I guess it is indexing issue then…?

FYI, I’m using the sketch feature in the Bear app and I’d like to be able to search it, not just images.