Is in-image search only in-note? Or should it work in global note search?

Hi — loving the beta so far. Searching for a text string which is in an image isn’t returning the note containing the image. Is that a bug? Is in-image search only for in-note search?

My feedback is that it should probably work in the overall search. Maybe the search results could have a separate sublist for “results in images” to help people parse out results for note text vs images in notes that contain that text.

I second this. Also, in addition, I want to point out two things:

  1. Global search is also not working for attached PDFs.
  2. In-note search does not highlight text within the image/ PDF, it just highlights the entire file preview. Could it be possible to do this? Or a search bar in attached pdf when opened within the app? This is essential if I need to work on PDF in Bear, other than annotations.

oh! Didn’t realize that. I know that Apple Notes does this, so I’m guessing they scan and store the text on attachment import and cache it.