Search text from note list search carries over to document search but then does nothing

Testing version: Version 2.0 (10641)

What were you doing: note list search was checking if text on photo’s would also show up in this list or if it would only show when doing an in note search

What feature did you use:note list search

What happened: After selecting the found note with photo and hand written text I noticed that the search text was carried over to the in note search. Brilliant !! unfortunately it only showed a progress indicator and did not highlight the words as it does do when doing an in note search. Re-entering the search text in the in note search does show the found occurrences in a highlighted way.

What did you expect to happen:Would have expected the in note search to kick in and show the occurrences highlighted in the note without me having to retype them in the note search

Hello, have you experienced this bug on iOS or MacOS?

Hi Have experienced this in Macos 13.3 Beta (22E5246b)