Global Search (w/ Highlighting?)

Are there any plans to enhance the search function from Bear using Panda to test? Currently, when I search, Bear does a good job of giving me a quick preview of the associated finds. However, then things get tricky. Let me use an example to illustrate. I like to track notes and thoughts on different subjects by date, and I have a journal page for each day. I link the journal to the note and in the note I link back to the day. Now, the length of some of notes become quite lengthy, so if I do a search on a term, and that term happens to fall inside the note, when I click on the found item, Bear takes me to the top of that note with no indication where in the note the word or term I searched can be found. Now, I have to search the note for the right information. I think Panda would provide a great platform to test out some capabilities to highlight the text once I have selected the instance from Find. I’ve used other apps that show me where the word or term I searched is located within a note by highlighting whatever was in the search within the page I navigate to. My point is that highlighting is one option. I’m sure there are other ways, and I hope the ask is clear?

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Hello @HJ127 and welcome to the form!

You made perfect sense and I’ve seen a couple requests for the same although your request for highlights is the most specific. I too would like to see this.

Here is a quote that responds to part of your question, and I’ll let the Bear team take the rest :+1: