Feature Request: Jump to first tag in note after search result selection

You can tell me if this is already in the Beta, but

When using the search function to find notes of a tag by typing “#mytag” into the search box, please show me notes that have that tag but do either or both of the following…

  • Show me the first instance of that tag in the note body excerpt
  • When I select/open a note from this search, jump me to the place where that tag appears first in the note.
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Yes, this works for me!
Also you can cycle through notes via ⌘ + G.
The only bummer and the one I hope it gets improved is that the positioning of the highlighted text is at the bottom of the note when such text is at a lower position than where you currently are.

I can confirm Bear 2 scrolls the editor and highlights the first match of a #tag search.