Automatically scrolling hashtags

I don’t know if I’m the only one to use hashtags this way, but I tend to use hashtags throughout the text to reference specific section in the note. It would be useful if, when searching by tags, the note(s) could automatically scroll down to the specific tag chosen.


I see this is a pretty old thread, but I was going to suggest the same. Especially in longer notes, sometimes I use a tag to mark a single section of the document and I would gladly have the option to quickly scroll to it. Of course I can search for the tag in the text field, but it feels more like a tricky workaround than and intended use of such a tool.

I’m perfectly fine with the note starting at the top when clicking on the tag in the sidebar, but maybe this behaviour could be changed while searching for a note or it may be added an option in a dropdown menu (like right-click on desktop or long-tap on mobile).

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I think another behaviour than that would be confusing

That indeed makes sense but should not be a matter of an option because in my eyes it is what probably most expect. I would like to generalise that: If in the search bar of the second pane an image, an attachment, a task list or a tag is searched, then it makes sense 1. to show the founded results in the notes list (like the current preview when simple text search is applied) and 2. to jump to the correspondending part in the note if it is opened from the notes list.

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Yes, I think this would be a nice improvement. Maybe we’ll talk more about it after Bear 2.0? We’ll see.

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