Quickly jumping to tags

First off, congratulations on the launch of Bear 2.0! It’s really freakin great!

I looked to see if this has been requested before, but I didn’t see anything. There’s something about a jump bar or command palette that is so nice to use. Would love to see this in Bear even though I know it’s probably unlikely. It’s a really intuitive thing IMO.

The reason I want this is to quickly jump to different tags. I didn’t see a way to do this via the search. I may have missed it though. I know I can just click with my mouse, but I’d rather stick with the keyboard. There is a way via the search bar which is really nice. However, there are a couple of problems. This might be a little more specific to nested tags.

Let’s say I have two tags:

  • #projects/dev/my-app
  • #projects/dev/my-other-app

And let’s say my goal is to pull up all notes with the subtag my-app because that’s the project I’m working on currently.

I can do ⌘ + ⇧ + F to get into the search bar, and then type #*/my-app. And indeed, all the notes with that subtag will populate the notes list which is awesome that exists.

The main problem shows up when I wanna create a new note with that nested tag. If I were to click on that tag in the side bar and did ⌘ + N, I would get a new note with the tag #projects/dev/my-app. However, when I go to create a note while inside of another note that I navigated to via the search results with the query being #*/my-app, then I will get a new note with the tag #my-app. This is undesired.

In order to prevent this, I would need to type the full tag into the search bar which is more time consuming—doing */tag-name is already not as efficient as this whole process could be.

Here are some suggestions below:

  1. Create a jump bar for tag switching/jumping to different tags: A simple search bar that shows up in the middle of the window where I could type any tag name in there and a list of tag results would show up for the user to choose from. Once the user hits return on a result, the side bar jumps to that tag, the search bar text would clear, and the notes list would update. If I typed “my”, I might see the results look something like:

    • /my-app
    • /my-other-app
  2. Keyboard command to jump to highlighted tag: The user would be able to highlight a tag in a note and press ⌘ + ⇧ + J to have the side bar jump to that tag. If there is only one tag in a note, that keyboard shortcut should work from anywhere within the note.

I could have missed a way to do this quickly. So I apologize if this was a waste of time. If not, hopefully this could get some consideration.



Commenting to see if we can get some traction on this.