Find and Replace functionality

My apologies if feedback is only supposed to be on the features noted in the Welcome Note. But if you are open to feedback on “other” new (different) functionality, then …

The Find & Replace function looks very robust! Having said that, one of the more beneficial features of Bear is how local (searching within a specific note) and global (searching multiple/all notes) highlights all “found” words - particularly with the highlighted yellow making the “found” results easily jump out.

Looks like the “new” Find simply highlights the next result and nothing else.

Also, perhaps a bug, but if you search for a word such that the next found result is highlighted, and then try searching for a word that does not exist in the note, then not only is there no indicator that nothing was found, but the word previously selected result from the prior search remains selected - as if that word is still a search result - which it no longer is.

Anyway, if this feedback is irrelevant and we’re only supposed to be commenting on the explicitly identified new behavior, then my apologies.

Regardless, I absolutely love many of the new features you’ve implemented and am a huge fan of all you’re doing. Thank you!

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