Bear 2.0 (9619) - Bug in quoted search

Hi team,

There is a bug in quoted search. Steps to reproduce: create a new note, enter some random text that contains the phrase hello world. Then, do a global search, as follows:

  • cmd+shift+f
  • "hello world"

The new note will be shown in the list, however … when you click, nothing is highlighted in the body of the note. As if the note does not contain the search term. Not only that, if you do an in-note search using quotes, e.g.

  • cmd+f
  • "hello world"

NOTHING is found, even though that exact phrase, with that punctuation, definitely exists. You need to remove the quotes to find the text. Which makes no sense since I want to find the “exact” phrase “hello world”.

See below:

Related, it would be very nice having ALL search results within the note highlighted in yellow. The light gray that is there now in Bear 2.0 is quite faint - and it only appears on the first (current) found result. Bear 1.0 highlights ALL in-note search results in bright yellow, which makes it easy to visually spot them.



the problem here is quote searches (“hello world”) do not work inside the note as many note list specific special searches ( @last10days, @title, …). We can theoretically implement the quoted search inside the note but might be very problematic for people who meant to use the " as a character and not search syntax.

Usually (Bear 1 too) the highlight color in search is reserved for the currently selected match and a less prominent color is used for indicating the other matches. The second color might be not right for the theme you are using. We are reviewing secondary and tertiary background colors for all the themes but unfortunately is a quite long procedure.

One thing you don’t want to do is step backwards from Bear 1.0. Currently in Bear 1.0, you can search for quoted text like "hello world". As you can in pretty much any other note tool, which is crucial for those of us who work in research. And in Bear 1.0, all results are highlighted in some color, which is not currently the case in Bear 2.0. Only the “current” found result is highlighted. I tried with multiple themes in Bear 2.0 and this is the case - there is no highlight on the “remaining” search results - only the “current” one.

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Sounds like a bug. You don’t see something like this when you search inside a note?

Yes, if you do in-note search, no if you do a global search. In Bear 1.0, global search shows ALL results in a note with a highlight. Bear 2.0 ONLY shows the first one.

And, as noted above, there is no way to do an in-note exact search in Bear 2.0 - which is a step backwards from Bear 1.0.

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We’re fixing that behaviour in the global search, it’s going to be the same as the in-editor search :slight_smile:


My fingers are crossed that in-editor exact search will also be fixed and function the same way it does in Bear 1.0.

for me in Bear 1, using quotes in search works for ‘all note’ search, but NOT for ‘in note’ search, like @trix180 mentions.

Good call @kassouffle - my mistake. In Bear 1.0, if you do a quoted global search, e.g. "hello world" - that will highlight that phrase in the note. In Bear 2.0, that is where the bug is. The same quoted search in Bear 2.0 will find the note, but it will not highlight the results within the note.

Yes, we’ll provide a fix for the passage of quoted searches from the note list to the note editor in the next beta. Good catch.

Got it, here we made the assumption users might not want to see all the matches in the editor when coming from the note search. This might change based on user feedback but, if you move the focus to the note editor, you can iterate the search results with ⌘G or see all the matches by triggering the search (⌘F). Not sure if this is good enough for your research purposes.

+1 from me on highlighting all search results in this scenarios. It’s better to have information rather than not have it, and it makes it easier to quickly scan notes to find the specific passage you want to find.

Hi trix180,

Thank you for the explanation, but ⌘G is not helpful for me for a few reasons:

  • It’s an awkward key position for one hand … so for me, it requires two hands to use effectively
  • For research, I don’t really have an interest in cycling one by one by one through found results. Rather, I want to see them all at a glance by scrolling through the note.

As painful as search is in Bear 1.0, at least that “show all found results” from global search is helpful. Please don’t make us take a step backwards into Bear 2.0.

Thanks again.