Replace one by one, keeps selection on last found word

Testing version: 0.1 (2934) MacOS

What were you doing: Find and Replace one by one

What feature did you use: Find and Replace

What happened: When I came last word found it kept selection and if I clicked on replace, it continued there on the the last word

What did you expect to happen: Stop selecting after last replace.

This was a special case where I replaced “Panda” with “MyPanda”.
At the end, if I did not pay attention and continued to press replace,
so I got: “MyMyPanda”, “MyMyMyPanda” and so on.

Sorry, I know – it’s Your Panda, but I got carried away :wink:

Hello there,

this is the expected behavior of the search and replace, after a replace the search is updated with the new state of your text, and if the replacement contains a valid search result it’s added to the current search.