Search selection re-triggers when leaving and re-entering app

Testing version: 2.0.1 (11717)

What were you doing: pulling up a note via search to add some content to it

What feature did you use: search

What happened:

  • Searched from the notes list
  • Tapped a note in the search results. To start out, the text I searched for was highlighted on the page in yellow
  • Tapped to edit some text
  • Switched out of Bear, then back to Bear
  • Search was now highlighted with the editing cursor. It had lost my previous place, and if I typed it would overwrite some text I didn’t previously had selected

Screen recording: Search Reselecting After App Switch - YouTube

What did you expect to happen:

I would expect that when I switch back into the app the position of the cursor/selection would be the same as when I left it.

There are a few strange behaviours with switching away + back to the app at the moment. However, I note you’re also a few versions behind - might be worth updating and retesting this specifically again just in case it’s been patched!

Oh my bad, I didn’t realize I was on TestFlight and the latest releases aren’t there. I see the same with the latest in the App Store, 2.0.5 (11800). Here’s a recording:

Seeing it demonstrated here, I can confirm I also experience the same!

Yeah the search results work in erratic way, “retriggering” when returning to Bear.