Searched keywords sticks around iOS

Testing version:
Latest iOS version

What were you doing:
Searching for a keywords, let’s call it hobby

What feature did you use:

What happened:

  • Searched for a keyword
  • opened the note to make an edit
  • Left the note after edit and deleted the search keyword in the search bar
  • Re entered the said note, and the keyword is still selected (in yellow)
  • Navigating to any other note with the keyword present in it, auto moves the cursor to that keyword

What did you expect to happen:

  • after search clearing, the search behaviour should not happen within notes

I have the same problem.
Search words are persisting an hinder editing of another note.

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Also wanted to stress that this bug can cause data loss. For example, let’s say I search for a not called dynamodb and then open that note. Editing anywhere in that note keeps taking me back to the searched keyword in that note which ends up deleting whatever was written there. It happens so quickly that it’s hard to track what was being edited. Since bear doesn’t have version history, if you exit out of the note - you just lost whatever was removed.


I ran into this last night and was quite confused. Video here: Bear Notes - iOS Persistent Search Bug - YouTube

Steps to reproduce it:

  • From the notes list, search for some text
  • Tap on a matching note
  • Try to type. Expected: I should be able to type as much as I like. Actual: after I type one character, the text matching the search is selected.
  • Choose “Search” from the three-dots menu. Click the X at bottom-left (not the one at right inside the search text box. Type again. Expected: I expected that I had cleared out the search and that I could now type freely. Actual: same issue with the search text being re-selected.
  • Choose “Search” from the three-dots menu again, and click the X in the search box. This does successfully clear out the search (for now), and I am able to type freely.
  • Go back to the notes list, then tap the note again to go back into the note. Expected: I can type freely. Actual: the search is re-applied and the typing issue occurs again.
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I experienced this same thing this morning. Clearing the search term doesn’t help but if I killed the app and relaunched it seemed to fix it, but only for as long as you don’t enter a new search term.

If you are in a note that contains your most recent search term, and you start typing, the character you typed will be written to the note, but focus will instantly shift to the searched word. Any subsequent characters will start overwriting the now highlighted word.

If you change the search term, it will change which notes are affected.

I’ve been on iPhone and haven’t checked if this happens on Mac.

Yes, I actually lost some text because of this. I guess this is why we have betas. Hopefully this can be fixed or rolled back quickly. (Hoping for version history one day too!)

I believe I am seeing this as well. I put together a video demoing this. Yes I’ve lost data a few times before I figured out exactly how to reproduce.

I couldn’t upload the video so I’ll try and share a link to it…!AjQ9bIsuC0S1kYZzr_62GnELlfZA7A


Just now I had the same problem on Mac. There was no search text in the search box, and no way to clear out any search text, but it was still highlighting the text I had previously searched.

UPDATE: it seems like there are two search boxes on Mac now, one in the note list column and one in the note editor column. Clearing out the note editor column search worked. (There don’t seem to be two separate searches on iOS)

Sorry for this issue. We’ll provide a fix as soon as possible for the iOS and macOS search issues.