iOS lock screen search widget bug

Testing version:

iOS 11208

What were you doing:

Start a search from lock screen search widget

What feature did you use:

Lock screen search widget

What happened:

As soon as one character is typed, Bear leaves search screen and takes me to the first matched result

What did you expect to happen:

Same as starting a search from in-app

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I don’t seem to be able to replicate this issue. Does this happen everytime you use search?

I literally just came to report that I can no longer reproduce it :sweat_smile:

Same issue, made an account here to post about it. If you search with the widget and a note is opened in the background it searches within that note after one letter is typed. But if you go exit out of the individual note before using the widget the search is normal.


Can reproduce now. Thanks!

Gentle ping that this bug still exists


This bug still exists (iPhone only). Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add Search widget to the lock screen
  2. Open any note in Bear
  3. Launch Search from the lock screen
  4. Type a character and observe Bear immediately opens a note and starts to edit
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