Cannot type after search on ipad

Testing version: 11163

What were you doing: Searching notes

What feature did you use: Search

What happened: Performed word search, then attempted to edit the appropriate note. Clicked on insertion point and began typing. Bear 2 advances to the next location of the word and will not allow me to type. Same thing occurs whether I use iPad keyboard or external keyboard. Rebooted iPad and it did not resolve the issue.

What did you expect to happen: Able to edit note.

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Same here and same on the iPhone. It feels like Bear is stuck in the search state

EDIT: same on the Mac after searching within a note

Search feature on iOS 11163 version is pretty buggy.

While editing the searched note, it jumps back to the searched and highlighted word thus preventing users to edit the note.

Edit: Also can confirm the same bug exists on Mac version 11165

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Yes, this is a bug of the last iOS update. We’ll ship a fix as soon as possible.