Selecting note from widget fails

Testing version: 10699, iOS

What were you doing:selecting a note from widget

What feature did you use:widget

What happened:If my last action in Bear was a search, and later I pick a note to open from the widget, Bear opens to its last state, not to the note I selected. If I hadn’t done a search in Bear, the selected note is opened

What did you expect to happen:the correct note to be opened in Bear

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Do you mind sending a quick video about this issue? I’m trying to simulate the bug but the note seems to correctly open.

The attached video should show:
Notes list in Bear
Back to Home screen, then Widget, then pick note “FDIC”
Bear opens to correct note
Search in Bear for “bear”, shows results
Back to Home screen, back to Widget, pick FDIC again
Back to Bear, still shows search results, not FDIC note

Hope this helps and I’m not misunderstanding something!


Got it thanks. A fix will be available with the next update.