Persistent search and scroll bugs

Wanted to make sure developers are aware there are still a number of bugs related to searching and scrolling on iOS. As you can see in the video, when I search “Japan”, select the first note, and try to place my cursor, it doesn’t let me place my cursor and instead just keeps jumping to the next instance of the word “japan”. The “scrollback” bug when trying to navigate the table of contents also continues to be present.
@trix180 @matteo @rexikan

Testing version:

What were you doing:
Placing cursor

What feature did you use:
Search, ToC

What happened:
Document scrolls to next instance of previously searched word, rather than allow cursor to be placed. Or document scrolls back to cursor when selecting section in ToC.

What did you expect to happen:
Allow cursor to be placed without jumping around.

Hello @dane,

Thank you for reporting this.

Unfortunately I’m not able to reproduce the issue.

What I did:

  • Created a note with multiple occurrences of the same word
  • Searched for that word in the Notes List
  • Opened the note form the search results
  • Placed the cursor in any part of the note

The result for me was the cursor placed in the place I wanted it to be.

If the steps I performed are correct to reproduce the issue, may I ask to share that note with me at so that I can investigate it further?

May I also ask you what version of iOS are you using?

Thank yo so much!