While using search making edits moves cursor

Testing version:
Version 2.0 (11093) on MacOS

What were you doing:

  1. Use global search for a term like “back” to show all of my "notes with “Backpacking” in them
  2. click on a note, then as I try to make edits to the note my curser gets moved around to the next search result in the open note.

What feature did you use:
search and edit note

What happened:
The cursor moves around to the next instance that matches the search within the note you are trying to read / edit.

What did you expect to happen:
I could type away in the note where I placed my cursor, while keeping the search global results.

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I just tried it on iPad. and works as expected FYI. Same version.

I have the same issue, weird cursor behavior during search mode.

Yes, I have the same issue, but somehow it only happens for notes with File Attachment (PDF). See the screen recording.

Thanks for reporting this problem. We have found the issue and we’ll try to provide a solution with the next update.