Unexpected note list jumping when navigating a search result

Testing version: macOS Version 2.0.5 (11799)

What were you doing: Typed in a note search and then used the arrow keys to navigate down the filtered note list.

What feature did you use: Note list searching

What happened: When I search my note list (⌘ Shift F) and then start using the arrow keys to navigate to the result I want, sometimes the first time I hit Down, Bear jumps me to a note half way down the list.

I think this is happening when the note that is currently open matches the search term too. When that is the case and I hit down after making a search, the cursor starts moving down the note list starting from the currently open note’s position in the list.

What did you expect to happen:
If I just made a search and saw what I wanted was the 3rd result, I’d expect to be able to hit down 3 times to get there regardless of what note is open or what else is happening in the app.