Search and replace "hangs"

Testing version: Version 2.0 (9652)

What were you doing: Search & replace part of a word

What feature did you use: Command-F in a note and the Replace feature.

What happened: Find returned 80 instances, and I stepped through these from top to bottom, then in random order, sometimes from the middle of the note. Somewhere in the note, I had a folded “chapter” and replace gave a nice visual clue of instances hidden from view. After going back and forth a few times with the arrow keys from Find/Replace, I opened the folded chapter and suddenly the cursor which jumps from one found instance to the next was “stuck” on the instance of the query term in the middle of a table. I could repeat this with other search terms as well, regardless of chapters folded or not. When it happened, the term in the table lit up and I could only go back to make the cursor jump. When I did that, the term in the table stayed lit. Search terms were dimly lit below the table as those above the table when the cursor wasn’t on one of them.

What did you expect to happen: The cursor jump to other found terms below the table as it did above it.

We have identified a bug with search and tables, we’ll fix it in the next version! Thank you for reporting it.