ToC navigation scrolls back to cursor

Testing version: 2.0 (10759) / iOS (iPhone 11)

What were you doing: Tapping link in table of contents to navigate to a different section of the note.

What feature did you use: Table of contents

What happened: After tapping the section I want to navigate to, I tapped off the ToC menu or tapped the X to close the menu and the document scrolled back to where to cursor was. There was no way to “stay” at the location I navigated to.

What did you expect to happen: For the document to stay at the location I navigated to and not scroll back to the cursor.

Of note, ToC navigation does work correctly if you have not yet placed your cursor in the document.


upvote for same issue.

Or, after editing the document, close the keyboard before using the TOC.

On MacOS, the cursor stays active when you click a ToC link but the document scrolls and stays in the new location. I think the expected behavior on iOS would be similar.

I would expect the same

Wanted to bump this as it appears to not be fixed yet in the newest version (10816) It’s of course pretty minor and not urgent.

I assume it is an actual bug and not the intended behavior @trix180 ?

Here’s a video

Yes, I can confirm that’s not the intended behaviour.

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The newest release (11015) says “Fixed glitch in the iOS’ table of content.” I’m not sure if that’s in reference to this bug but I am still seeing the bug on this version. Here’s a new video

No, the glitch we were referring to was an issue with the TOC row’s heights. We’ll address the scroll-back bug as soon as possible.

The scroll-back bug hasn’t been fixed yet. Assume you’re aware just fyi.

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