Find Within Individual Notes on iOS

I realize that Bear is not intended for longform composition, but that’s how I’ve ended up using it (quite happily!) for several years, now. I almost exclusively use it on my iPhone with a paired bluetooth keyboard, which I’ve come to realize to be exceedingly rare among iPhone users (if you’re another iPhone-bluetooth keyboard user, please reach out to me - I’m working on a project that should benefit you immensely.)

One of the feature additions that would be personally-beneficial would be the ability to find (and replace, for that matter) text within an individual note, especially if a corresponding ⌘ + F keyboard shortcut were added.

Apologies if this has been requested before - I didn’t see any recent mention of it, here, but I would understand if this post were removed/deprioritized for relevancy’s sake.

Thanks again!


This is indeed a missing key for feature parity between platforms, for both Bear and Panda and we’ll provide it at some point but unfortunately, it’s particularly tricky to reach a good Find+Find and replace with TextViews and the features we have.

Not a BlueTooth keyboard on iPhone enthusiast but I’m honestly intrigued about the project if you want to share it here.

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The overall find function of bear is one of its strongest (of many strong) features. Due to the lack of an in-note search feature, i have to make a ToC for all bear notes. There is a workflow published on reddit for doing this that i use; It’s a critical feature to my use of bear for organising my notes, without it the app would be much less productive to my workflow.

My primary use-case of bear is to write notes on various medical topics and reference them frequently during my practice. The tag system makes finding them easy, but because they are long, i wouldn’t be able to use it wihout the table of contents (or preferentially, in-app searching)

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