Feature request: bookmarks within the notes


When reading ePubs, bookmarks are very useful.
This feature is really missing in Bear for big notes.
Do you plan to add bookmarking in Bear 2?



you are in bear, so the general answer will be to add a tag #bookmark at the place which you want to bookmark :wink:

Nevertheless you just can find all those notes with that tag either by search or by clicking the bookmark tag in left sidebar. But you can’t jump through all these bookmark tags. I think searching by tags in the notes inline search and cycling through the results can help, but you have to type in the tag manually into the search field. I would love an inline search where all tags of a note are listed and you coulkd pick up one tag

Indeed, I am already doing this with a simple emoji.
But the fact is that we cannot do in-note searches with the iPhone and the iPad, contrary to the Mac… and I am mainly working on iPhone/iPad.
So I am scrolling the note until I find the last tag, but this is unbearable when notes spread on more than 50 pages.

I think that inline search is going to come when bear 2 beta for iOS/PadOS will be released

Hey, i like the idea with the emoji. Generally i do not use them at all but i think i will test that and not only for bookmarks but also for similar stuff