Searching for tags in Spotlight

I wanted to know if the team thought of searching for tags in Spotlight like we can do in Apple Notes as I wonder if this could be one those features that I didn’t know I needed until I used it?


Tbh I was today years old when I discovered you can search Notes tags with Spotlight. Yes, this is something we can consider for the future.


I tried it on iOS and Spotlight searched a word part of an image as well as part of Bear notes and Spotlight is finding it! Super excited it. I think it’s an amazing feature.

Spotlight doesn’t seem to index Bear beta notes at all (title or text) on my Mac - I feel like it did with v1, or am I misremembering? It would be very helpful if it did! Or is this a bug specific to my system?

please try to select Help > Advanced > Reset Spotlight Index in Bear.

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Ah! Thank you! That works - at least I can find notes with Spotlight now.

However, Quicklook (spacebar) does not preview the note contents (just the title) - it would be useful if it did. This is great for previewing document contents in Spotlight - it works for PDFs, TXT and DOCX, it would be great if it worked for Bear notes too! :smile: