Yay! for "Hide Subtag Notes"

Just wanted to say that this singular feature solves the only thing that ever made me take pause with fully leaning into Bear notes. Love it! Thank you!


I didn’t even know that existed. Thanks.

I can’t find this option?

That is a good point. Probably one bit of feedback I have about this feature is that it took me several minutes of hunting around to find. It doesn’t show up if you search in the help menu and the new UI for this is pretty subtle (in my opinion). It could probably use some help on the discovery front.

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Thanks for the help!

I would put it one level higher in the hierarchy of the notes list menu. It anyway is not a preview option in nearer sense. While the preview options rules what to show in the preview of the views the hide-subtags-option filters the content of the notes list. I agree that it is hidden