Link won't show note if using hide subtag notes

  • Create a note with a subtag
  • Copy bear2://x-callback-url link
  • Clicking on this link won’t bring up the note if option “hide subtag notes” is selected
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That is a side effect of limitations how the database work. See here:



clicking a bear2://open-note... should bring up the note even if hide subtag notes is selected, and I can’t simulate the issue reported. Can you please tell me more about where the clicked link is placed and Bear state before you click the link? A quick video will be very appreciated.

Sure thing! Here is an example:

I’m in bear in a subtag called uni/sem3/mod. The link im clicking is going to a note which has the tag uni/sem3/linadi. Instead of opening the note it appears it opens the view of uni/sem3 notes (which there are none because im hiding subtag notes).

Is my description understandable to you?

Got it! Yes, this is an edge case of hide subtag notes we need to handle