Option to “hide” sub tags missing on iPad?

Testing version*: v2 10984

What were you doing:
Selecting a tag in the tag list that had sub tags (E.g. #Foo/Bar/Baz#)

What feature did you use:
The note list for a selected tag

What happened:
Selecting a tag shows notes with that tag, and sub tags

What did you expect to happen:
There is / was an option to only show notes that have that exact tag. E.g. If a note was #foo, and another was #foo/bar, clicking the ‘foo’ tag, would show one note, not two notes.

Have you toggled the feature on? It is under drop down menu when you tap the tag on second pane.

The option is no longer present:

Should be under ‘Preview style’

Well, I’ll be…. Now I feel a right chuckle head!

I will say I did not think to look in there - I assumed it was going to be top-level or sorts.

Colour me educated!