Suggestions for nested tags (already implemented)

I have some suggestions for nested tags.

Suppose there are two tags #A and #A/B. When I’m in #A tag, articles of both #A and #A/B are shown.

  1. It would be better if I have an option excluding articles tagged child #A/B to see only #A articles.

  2. It would be better if articles of #A are shown top of the articles tagged child #A/B.

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There is hide nested tag option. Check on the drop down menu if the tag on second pane. Note if you tag #A and #A/B it will still hide the note from #A.

I didn’t understand what you mean.
Is there an option hiding child tag’s memo?

I know I can hide child tags. What I want is hiding child tag’s memos not tags in tags panel.

This is already a feature in Bear 2. It’s called ‘Hide subtag notes’ under ‘Preview style.’ This will hide #A/B notes when viewing #A.

Thank you very much both of you!
I found it. It is on the menu shown when I click tag on preview panel.

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