Cannot open .textbundle

Testing version: Version 1.0 (615)

What were you doing: Saved Welcome file with an image inserted.

What feature did you use: Insert image, save file

What happened: saved automatically and correctly as .textbundle, but this beta not able to open .textbundle

What did you expect to happen: Should be able to open .textbundle (and .textpack)

Screenshot when trying to reopen saved file:

Hi there,

this should not happens, but it seem I’m not able to replicate this. Can you please check if you can replicate this and write here all the steps that lead to this error?

Thank you.

Thank you Matteo,

I tested again with same result, then did a clean install of Panda, but now I see that all .textbundle files are folders and not recognized as packages (Used “CleanMyMac X” to uninstall, so maybe that messed up even further)

Did a clean install of Bear, just to see it that could fix the .textbundle issue, but not.
Also Ulysses don’t recognize them anymore either, but Marked 2 can still display .textbundle fine.

Do you have a tip on how to fix the issue of .textbundle now being just a normal folder instead of package on MacOS?

Thank you,

Hi Matteo,

It’s fixed now. Did a clean install of Multimarkdown Composer from MAS and now .textbundles works and also opens fine in Panda