iOS (iPad) : .textbundle ; Panda fails to load image when clicking to annotate image on iPad

Testing version:
0,1 (2952)

What were you doing:
I`m trying to annotate an image on the iPad. The file has the .textbundle format.

So you go to the image, press on it with your finger untill the “Edit” dialog shows up. Annotations is the first option. If you click on it, it should load the image allowing you to annotate it. It now just shows an empty window stating the type and size of the image.

What feature did you use:
Annotations on the iPad?

What happened:
Failed to load the actual image allowing me to annotate it.

What did you expect to happen:
Display the image allowing me to annotate it.

This DOES work when you edit the same file, but use the .panda file format instead.

My questions

  • Is this expected behaviour?
  • If not, is anyone able to recreate this issue?
  • If so, how should we solve it?
  • What can / should I do?

Thanks a lot, Bas

Dear all,

Hope everyone is doing well :slight_smile: .

I did some more testing. It seems that this ‘bug’ could be related to the use of DEVONthink3

Here’s what I have noticed so far:

  • The above mentioned issue happens when opening notes that are stored within a DEVONthink 3 database (that is being synced by the iCloud synckit).
  • If you store the same file, thus with the extension .textbundle, outside of the DEVONthink, thus directly within the folder Panda within iCloud, images are indeed loaded when clicked on the Annotations symbol.
  • What does this mean? Would please be so kind to let me know how I should proceed? Should I check with the team of DEVONthink as well? What would be the best way to do so? Whom of your team should I share as ‘primary contact’?

As such, my current workaround is as follows:

  • Use Bear on the Mac to create a blank document.
  • Use Bear on the Mac to save this file using the .textbundle format.
  • Store this file within the “Document folder of Panda” on my iCloud “drive”.
  • Tell DEVONthink 3 on Mac to index that folder.
    • This allows me to view the content of the .textbundle document within DEVONthink 3 on the Mac.
    • Unfortunately, no preview of these .textbundle items are show within DEVONthink 3 on iOS devices (using DEVONthink 3 To Go iPhone and iPad).
    • As such, I open these documents on mobile devices by directly opening Panda on the mobile devices itself.
  • Fortunately, DEVONthink 3 on the Mac does preview the .textbundle documents as well as allow editing them by directly launching Panda on Mac.

For me and for now, this combines best off all worlds; Markdown + Images, the unbelievable power of Panda and DEVONthink for storing everything in a way that makes sense (to me haha).

I am already looking forward to hearing from you,

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