Images missing in imported notes

Hi, I installed the new beta and it imported my old bear notes. But bunch of images in individual notes are missing on Mac version. They are showing up correctly in iOS version, however.


Do your mac and iOS devices sync with each other?

Hi, yes. I am a subscriber to icloud.

For e.g., one of the notes on mac has images listed in the content like below. on iOS app, its showing images correctly as opposed to this text.



Sorry, I don’t fully understand and I have to ask you to confirm this is the situation: Your notes are synching across devices but some images are displayed only on one device (macOS?).

If you create a new note and add an image does the image appear on the other device?

yes thats right, but the other way around. Images show up on iOS, but not on mac.

They are syncing fine for new notes. Problem is limited to notes imported from Bear 1.0

I report the same problem. On Mac OS I cannot see the image (imported from Bear 1), but on iOS I can see the image. I’ll add that in my case this was originally an import from the web to Bear 1. Rather than an image, I see this Markdown code in the editor and no image in the navigation pane:


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I have the reverse issue for some notes:

Image appears in macOS but not iOS for migrated note. The same image is fine in a new note. Deleting the image and pasting it back into the old note has no effect. It’s something persisting in the migrated note.

Hi, any updates? still facing the same issue

I’m having the same issue for weeks. Reported here: [BUG] Missing images upon sync?

Below the note in iPadOS:

In MacOS, all the images are showing.

Later I edited the note in MacOS which made the images to show up in the iPadOS version as well. So no lost data. But I did lost some images due to this bug last week. That was my first and only data loss so far (it really hurts!).

This note was not imported from Bear 1.


We have found and fixed some issues regarding the attachments and sync which caused this issue

But I’m unsure if it solves also the @lokilok issue. If any of you find a way to reproduce the missing image inside the note bug, please let me know.

I am still facing this issue. Images show up as texts as below. Do you recommend deleting/reintsalling Mac beta and resycing?