Can't copy multiple photos into note on iOS

Works: within a Bear note, selecting the button to add photos, multiple photos can be selected and inserted. Great!

Could be improved: when selecting multiple pictures in a different app (e.g. Apple Photos) and sending them to Bear from the share sheet, they all can be added to a new note, but only if you scroll to the last option. I wish that was the default option at the front of the list. I specifically selected multiple photos, so I think that intent is clear and should be the quickest action.

Doesn’t work: copying multiple photos from a different app (e.g. selecting multiple photos in Apple Photos, opening share sheet, selecting “copy”) and trying to paste in Bear results in only the first photo getting pasted. They should all get pasted into the note, rather than having to copy-paste one at a time. It works as expected on macOS, but not iOS.