Can't modify tags letters case

Testing version: Version 11093

What feature did you use: Tags

What happened: I can’t change tags letters case.

What did you expect to happen: it’s not really a bug, and it’s small detail… not very important. But when I want to change de case of a letter in a tag, it doesn’t save that change. I click on “Edit Tag”, make the change, press the “Done” button, but it’s doesn’t do anything. The tag stay the same, without any case change.

By design the display of tags in the sidebar is always lowercase, but you can change the case of tags (using the edit button) and it will change it inside your notes :slight_smile:

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I find this behaviour confusing and unhelpful, personally.

I reported the same frustration at trying to edit tags, but the edits not “taking”. I’d be quite happy for all tags to be “forced” into lower case everywhere but different cases in different contexts is a recipe for frustration.

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Nope. It won’t totally change… let me explain…
Let say I create a tag named #Tag1. It appears like #Tag1 in my notes. And if I change it in #tag1, it will actually appear like #tag1 (lowercase) in my notes… But, it will appear with the capital letter in the suggestions when I begin to type it in a note… and also appear with the capital letter if I click again on the “Edit Tag” contextual menu…
I don’t know if I’ve been clear…

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To be honest, it is not really clear to me. If you should mean that in the tag tree from left sidebar upper case letters (which you write from edit tag dialogue or inside of the note) are tolerated then I am absolutely against that. The forcing to lower case prevents double tags

Ok sorry. I’m not very clear.
I’m not making a request, but instead pointing an inconstancy in the way of the tags appear.

If you change the case of a letter in the tag editor (right click on the tag in the left side bar and click on the “Edit Tag” menu), it doesn’t have any effect for :

  • the suggestions when you start writing the tag in a note…
  • in the tag editor (“Edit Tag” menu) if you go back again in it (you right click again in the left side bar and click on the “Edit Tag” menu), the change is not here. It’s like you never had changed the case of the letter…

It’s small detail…

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