Tag Line Divider and Ability to Uppercase Tags

These are two features that I would love to see implemented within Bear.

Tag Line Divider:
Having the ability to separate different sections (maybe even fold sections) would be a great addition. This way I can divide out Work, Personal, and Misc tags and fold sections for easier visibility.

UpperCase Tags:
Maybe it is my OCD but I dislike how I can uppercase a tag when typing notes but not visbilty see the tag uppercased within my tag system on the left side. I don’t always like to put a space between my characters. Example: within my notes, my tag can be #JobNotes# . But within my tag system, on the left side, it will appear as jobnotes. Visually it is not appealing and very hard to read.


It may not be appealing but it makes sense to interpret the tags lowercase to prevent that “JobNotes”, “Jobnotes” and “jobnotes” are interpreted as multiple tags rather than the same

Another vote for respecting the original case in the tags. If the tag in the document is #Check Lists#, I don’t see why the sidebar has to show “check lists”.

In a traditional website with tags, these are usually normalized. However, in Bear tags may be used (I suppose that is common) to emulate the structure you’d traditionally create with folders in other apps. I think in Bear normalization is not as good for that use case.

Do you really want that #check lists# and #Check Lists# and #Check lists# appear as three different tags in the sidebar?

@krssno yes, personally, that’d be an accepted trade-off.

In practice, that is unlikely to happen due to tag autocompletion, which is great to help keep your tags consistent without using your memory.

In a website, tags are entered by different users, normalization makes sense. But if you control your own tags, to me preserving case is more natural.

Let me also mention my OCD suffering because sections (“Untagged”, “Todo”, etc.) are capitalized. Would like that my sidebar is uniform in that regard too.

Of course, your trade-offs may be different, that is cool, only casting a vote that reflects mine.

I would not accept such a trade-off. It seems for me to be also a standard in other apps to lowercase the tags for the purpose of preventing unwanted tags due to accidental differences in spelling. Actually that is a feature for me

@krssno the tension comes from using tags as a navigation tree. Other apps have folders, which accept uppercase letters.

However, it seems to be a standard and therefore reasonable behavior for tags, though I do not know every app that handles tags.

Same. I would not accept that trade-offs.