Where do you place tags in Bear?

Hello community! I noticed that in Bear’s app store screenshots they have tags in the note like this :point_down:

CleanShot 2024-06-18 at 14.10.28@2x

I know Bear supports having tags anywhere, but to be honest I never really use them this way. Just curious—where do you all keep your tags in the note? Do you have a specific place, like at the beginning or the end of a note? Or do you place tags wherever they seem to fit naturally?

Hope to learn and get some inspirations from you all! Thank you!

As you can write them everywhere you have the freedom to decide what makes sense for you.

Here is my way:

  • I rarely write tags inline. It can happen when it makes sense for me but generally i am not using this opportunity often. However, i really appreciate this possibility because it is extremely useful when/if i need it.
  • Tags that represent the whole note i write directly under the title. Bear however creates a tag at the bottom of a note when you drag and drop a note onto a tag in the left pane. Therefore it may make sense to write tags all note related tags at the bottom. many user prefer that. As my notes are longer i dislike that and prefer not to scroll just to see the tags. (I made a request for an option to place tags under the title when dragging them onto a tag inside the tag tree)
  • I also tag sections of my notes. In that cases i write a tag directly under a heading. Such tags are related just to this header, its subheadings and its content

i always do collect them at the top.
So i can navigate through the different tags faster.
To make it visually more appealing i do a separating line under the note title.


I do them right under the title for quick access and to make sure I know what tag section I’m in when I open a note.

For my daily planning note, it’s run with a shortcut and the tag goes at the very bottom. That note eventually gets deleted and I don’t need the tag taking up a line at the top, just need to get to the content. Attached is an example of the first (main) method I mentioned

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I experimented with various configurations and ultimately decided to group the tags at the end of the note, separated by a divider. Primarily because when positioned at the top of notes I don’t like seeing the tags in the note preview in the list reducing note preview content. Ideally, I would prefer the tags to be listed in the note’s info popup, in a separate section. Even better would be to have a right-side panel (like in Panda) to view all the metadata at a glance. In this way, I would be more encouraged to use inline tags.

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I use footnotes, and place the relevant tag in the footnote with the corresponding link to that tag up in the body of the text.

If they relate to the entire note, I place them under the title.

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Are tags in the sidebar always looked to an alphabetical order? or can we rearrange them? please me know as I’m trying to reorder for convenience

Hey @insanevip! You can change the sorting method for your tag list.
On Mac: Top Menu bar → View → Tags Sorting
On iOS: Click the ⫶ menu in the Sidebar → Tag sorting