Request: Creating tags at drag&drop on top rather than bottom of the note

I and probably many others like to write the note-related tags on the top directly under heading. Even parts of the shiny frog team seem to think that this is the natural way in view of some screenshots they posted on the bear website. Here the latest example:

That has some fundamental advantages:

  • As the note related tags are on top, they are immediately visible without scrolling
  • It is consistent to the habit to tag sections of text by writing tags directly under subheaders

When creating a new note by button from second pane i start with a totally empty note, so it is easy to write at first the heading and then below the fitting tags. If before a tag from left pane was selected and therefore this tag is written automatically then i just have to write a heading and go to the line after the tags.

The problem however is then an already existing note is drag&dropped onto a tag from left pane’s tag tree: The tag is placed at the bottom of text. In combination with footnotes (which are also placed at the bottom) that could lead to a messy mixup of tags and footnotes.

I would like to request that tags written in such a manner by drag and drop are placed at the top of the note under the heading. That schould be an option.

But how could that be implemented? The very first line of a note is a line that is treated by bear as the name of the note. That line can be empty or not. In both cases the tag created by drag&drop should be placed in the second line.

And what if the second line is already used?

EITHER the whole text is moved one line below to make second line free for adding the tag

OR the tag is added to the second line if and only if the second line is free or consists only of tags (placed before f.e.)