Tags at bottom of note get folded

If you put your tags at the bottom of a note and a header above the notes, folding the header sections folds in the tags too.

I get this is correct behavior but I want to state my opinion that I dislike this behavior.

  • I know I can put tags in their own header to avoid this, but I don’t want to have to always make a header at the bottom of every note for this
  • I know I can put tags elsewhere but I think bear defaults to putting tags at the bottom?
  • I know I can just leave the final section unfolded…

Obviously you can’t ignore tags when folding since tags are often used inline…

  • but maybe it is possible to detect if the final line(s) of a document end with only tags and then stop the folding just above those lines?

Actually such problems are not able to be solved. The tags are just normal text regardless which meaning they have for you. The same for footnotes: by markdown syntax they are allowed to appear in the text wherever you want. That problem however is easy solved by placing them under a h1 or h2 header at the bottom of text. I personally dislike to place tags which are related to whole note at the bottom and so i decided to place them directly under the title of the note what comes with the advantage to see them immediately on opening the note without scrolling down. Furthermore it cooresondends with the usage of tagging headers of smaller levels: I think nobody would tag the section of a h3 at end of section but intuitively directly under header. I know that this is not satisfying for you. Also i had to learn reluctantly what a bearish editor means. But once learned it is easy to live with that :wink:

A workaround that may be acceptable, is to add a H1 above footnotes/tag section
with with a few underscores as “heading”

# _______

Doesn’t look too bad, but you have to add it manually…

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It also comes with disadvantage though that the note preview (in the notes list) will show the tags, making it not possible to start the note with a useful 1 or 2 sentences to be shown in the note preview

I did not think of this and is not so bad, even though it has to be added manually, because at least it does not have to be folded manually. Thank you

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You don’t need the underscores - just the H1:

Also, none of this has to remain “manual”. Simply create a Shortcut to create new notes in the desired format.